Jill Foreman, PhD

: Psychologist and Life Coach

Expert Overview

Coaching can help with what you didn't get in therapy.

Have you had therapy, and learned to understand your past, but not what to do about it?

Did counseling give you support, but leave you without specific tools for change?

Have you ever wondered, "if I've had therapy, why do I still have this problem?" You don't want to keep talking about why. You need to know what to do.

This was my experience, even though I am a therapist myself! And for me, coaching was the missing piece. Therapy helped, but I wanted more. I tried coaching as a client, and found a whole new world.

Therapy works, but it isn't for everyone, and sometimes we need a different approach.

Work with Me

I've been helping people as a licensed psychologist since 1997. I have added all of this experience to my coaching, using the best of both worlds, and tailoring it for each individual.

What's it like to have me as your coach? My clients describe me as calm, curious, kind and direct. I will listen, but I will also actively teach and guide you.

I love working with people who have had therapy, know their issues, and want to get to work changing these patterns.

I also love clients who have tried therapy, but it was never quite right, and they finally get some help.

I might be a good fit for you, even if you haven't tried therapy, but you like the idea of a coach who is also a licensed mental health professional.

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