Johanna Chen

: Life and Confidence Coach for People in Tech

Expert Overview

Do you feel stressed or stuck in your life? There is a way out of it and chances to thrive, without needing to quit your job (except you really want to).

No matter if engineer, product manager, marketing or sales manager, designer or HR. The work in the tech industry can sometimes feel stressful, competitive and demanding.

But often you do love your job, but just feel stuck or like you do not have a work-life balance or that you are just not sure how to go the next step.

I help people in the tech industry or in startups to get unstuck and thrive, because you deserve to feel great while you create great new things.

Work with Me

I have been there, being a PM in the tech industry I have seen a lot of ups and downs, felt stressed and the pressure of competition a lot of times. Coaching helped me to reset and find back my passion, direction and my own work-life balance, without changing my job.

So now I want to help you!

I offer 10-week 1:1 coaching on the topic of:

  • Get Unstuck: Worry less about work, get unstuck and find your new direction
  • Thrive in IT: Define and set yourself up to reach your goal to thrive in IT.

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