Julia Malakiman, M.A.

: Dating Coach for Men

Expert Overview

Hey! I'm Silicon Valley's Dating Coach, Julia Malakiman. I help high achieving analytical men master the art of dating and find the love of their life.

The potential men and women have to be charming, secure, and confident all at the same time is powerful yet untapped by most. And to be honest, I don’t blame them. For the most part, we have not been taught by our parents on how to have “game” and our wingmen sure don’t do a good job of teaching it. Add to that the isolation and lack of experience, and you have kindhearted singles only wishing to fall in love.

I knew this needed to change. Since I began serving as a dating coach, I’ve helped people successfully attract and keep high quality partners, maintain thriving relationships, and accomplish huge goals. My clients are not changing who they are but discovering their true self and enhancing it. The skills and mindsets my clients have adopted are put to the test in our live practice sessions, ultimately improving their confidence in all spheres of life.


Work with Me

If you consider yourself smart, logical, or analytical but still find yourself stuck when it comes to dating and connecting with women, then dating coaching is the first step to transform your life and give you the confidence to attract the right partner.

Silicon Valley’s Dating Coach, Julia Malakiman, creates a personalized coaching strategy just for you and your goals. Infield coaching and live dating practice are key to your journey of becoming a confident communicator and ultimately have the life you want with your soul mate by your side.

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