Julie de Besombes

: Life Coach

Expert Overview

I help people to break free from what limits/diminishes their life (past, hurt inner child, patterns) and consciously create a new version of themselves where they can feel confident again and empowered.

I have followed this path myself: I had a traumatic childhood but I didn't really realize it for a long time, It took me years to realize the limiting patterns that were diminishing my life, locking me in a spiral of self-deprecation that came from my wounded inner child (and the thoughts errors that created for me). My inner child was waiting for my attention and unconditional love and so do I.

I created a method that helps people who, like me, feel stuck in their lives without sometimes understanding exactly why, a method which helps you to make peace with your past and create a new version of yourself.

Your past is not a fate, it is just a circumstance.

Work with Me

The issues you are facing in your current life come from thoughts which are conditioned by your past. As long as those thoughts are not updated you will repeat the same situations, the same suffering, the same patterns and you will feel stuck.

Of course your past is important and played a significant role in creating who you are, but it doesn’t have to define who you are now, what you do, don’t do and how you want to show up in your present/future.

I can help you to learn the skills to recognise your patterns and free yourself from the past

+ to build your (new)Self: free, powerful, confident and then to live a fulfilling life that has meaning.

It’s never too late to build a happier version of yourself and to live your most meaningful life.

Are you ready to create it?

If so, then you’re ready for Empowerment Life Coaching,

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