Kara Gaisie

: Master Business Alignment Coach

Expert Overview

I help life coaches replace their (multiple) six-figure salary as a coach.

When you KNOW & OWN your truth, you’re ALIGNED.

When you’re aligned you create the money you intend to create.

I help my clients get aligned in four key business areas…with their: Goal, Identity, Value & Clients.

This sets a solid foundation to create substantial impact & income.

My clients replace their salaries through the execution of aligned funnels.

These simple funnels guide desired clients on an opt-in journey from consuming their content to being their clients.

My clients don’t sit & wait on referrals to pop up on their calendar.

They see their aligned clients opt-in & flow down their funnels.

They master the skills that attract their aligned clients consistently.

Work with Me

If my coaching philosophy aligns, you’re invited to work with me as follows:
1. Six-to-Six Mastermind
2. Private 1:1 coaching

In my Six-to-Six (small group) Mastermind you:
- Align with your desired business goals & identity.
- Know & own your offer.
- Refine & own your messaging.
- Learn how to speak to your aligned clients where they are which creates safety & builds trust.
- Learn how to demonstrate how your solutions help them succeed.
- Invite them to take the next step to understand & implement your solutions.
- Master your aligned funnels.
- Get direct feedback, group & 1:1 coaching from me.
- Experience love & support from me & up to 9 fellow coaches.

In my private 1:1 coaching you:
- Get coaching & assignments that are customized to your specific goals & obstacles.
- Get love, support & feedback from me.

Ready to replace your salary as a coach?
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