Kate Mikuliak

: Life Coach for Women in Climate

Expert Overview

With 15 years experience in climate work, I know what it feels like to work tirelessly toward a lower carbon footprint, less GHG emissions, and a reduction in particulate matter.

As sustainability professionals we have a lot resting on our shoulders. And as women we carry the extra burdens of patriarchy, sexism, and misogyny. Additional socialization, limitations, and expectations weigh on those who are black, indigenous, people of color; neurodiverse, disabled, fat, gender-non-conforming, LGBTQA+, or if you identify with any other marginalized identity impacted by institutional and internalized systems of oppression.

These influences have set us back from achieving our goals, discouraged us from being our authentic selves, and limited our potential as leaders in the field of climate change.

Coaching is a tool to liberate our mind from our socializations, oppressions, and outdated coping mechanisms. Coaching is a skill to build confidence, agency, and trust in ourselves and our expertise. Coaching is a practice to love ourselves unconditionally, to lead with curiosity and compassion, and to forgive ourselves and others.

Work with Me

I am currently accepting clients for one-on-one coaching sessions, conducted via zoom. Sessions are 45 mins long and come in four session packages, which can be used over the course of 8 weeks.

Click here to purchase your first coaching package.

I acknowledge my privilege and the stolen land and labor that built the society I live in and benefit from. As such, I offer discounts on coaching packages to Black, Indigenous, and people of color, regardless of financial need. I also offer options for bartering and a sliding scale rate.

Click here to schedule a free consultation call with me. Learn more about what working together is like and ask any questions you may have before deciding to sign up. We’ll talk about what is working/not working for you, which habits you want to adopt or drop, and where in your life you want to up-level and why. I don’t have all the answers but I do have questions that will allow you to find the answers within yourself.

Coming soon: Adulting in the Anthropocene, a small group accountability and coaching program for people navigating life choices in the face of the climate crisis.