Katie Pulsifer

: Master Life Coach

Expert Overview

My thoughtful, consent-based, and equity-centered coaching approach uncovers my clients' beliefs and values. And helps them to live by them.

My flexible and responsive approach is based on my coaching philosophy of Radical Self-Responsibility, my values of Integrity, Humility, and Love, and my commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.

I prioritize real listening. I hear and honor what my clients say and don’t say by creating unwavering presence. It’s an honor to hold space for them. I create a neutral and compassionate place for clients to share their thoughts and experiences that is free from judgment and reaction. Recognizing that sometimes clients just need to be heard.

I love my clients and the opportunity to serve them. I care deeply and unconditionally for their lived experience. I focus more on them as people than their results. I believe they always know what’s best and how to get there. By working together, they discover the most reliable and empowered way to solve any dilemma moving forward and to create the lives they've been dreaming about.

I bring levity and lightness to the coaching container in reverence to our humanness. Introducing humility and humor as an antidote to self-imposed rules and negative self-talk is fun and invites imagination, joy, curiosity, and expansiveness.

I offer client-centered life coaching programs for both private clients and groups.

I offer the latest, most effective coaching tools and remain on the cutting edge of this discipline through continued education, training, feedback, and practice.

I am committed to co-creating impact and changing life outcomes through customized client experiences.

Work with Me

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Together, we can explore whether we are a good fit for one another.

I'll happily answer all your questions about my private or group coaching offerings.

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