Kirsty Knight

: Business & Time Coach for Female Entrepreneurs

Expert Overview

I help ambitious female entrepreneurs get more done in less time, so they can hit their money goals, without burnout.

There is a reason why you are not getting as much done as you would like. A reason why you can’t fit in all the things you have to do to reach your goal. It’s my job to help you figure it out and then solve for it.

Having successfully run three businesses and multiple other projects simultaneously over the last four years, I’m pretty confident in saying I know how to get stuff done. And no, I’m not Wonder Woman. It’s just that I have a productivity system that works for me and I know how to manage my brain.

That last part is the most important. Because you can have the best productivity system in the world, but if you are struggling to make yourself use it, it’s about as useful as a chocolate teapot (yes – I’m British and yes, I take clients from all over the world)!

So yes, I will teach you my system, and all the productivity tools I know and love. But more importantly, we will work together…

To get you following it.

To get you out of confusion, doubt, and overwhelm.

To get you clarity on your strategy to reach your goal.

To stop you people-pleasing, procrastinating and self-sabotaging.

To keep you focused, organized, decisive and effective.

To overcome your fears and get you taking massive action.

To reduce your perfectionistic tendencies.

To stop you overworking and get you upholding your boundaries.

And finally, to get you moving towards your goal, whilst making time for you and enjoying the journey!

My 5 phase process is not just productivity tactics. It's not just mindset work. It's not just business strategy. It's all of it.

Work with Me

Click HERE to schedule a FREE consultation. We’ll talk about you, your time, where you are in your business now, and where you want to go. I’ll share the 5 phases within my coaching program that will help you get more done in less time, so your business goal becomes inevitable!

If you are feeling overwhelmed right now by the fact you need to now find time to fit a consultation in as well  - click HERE to get INSTANT ACCESS to my FREE 3 Tips for Overcoming Overwhelm. Start there. Take a deep breath. And remember, taking time to make time is the best investment you will ever make.