Kristen Goodwin

: Mindset Coach for First Time Moms

Expert Overview

I help first time mom's pregnant and postpartum enter mamahood consciously and confidently. We create a life full of certainty and calm, when the norm in today's modern world is uncertainty and chaos.

The modern mama is anxious, overwhelmed, and exhausted. If that is you right now, I get it! I can easily be all of those things too. Except I've learned how to manage my mind, and create a beautiful home free of constant mom-guilt and worry. That will be your life too once we begin our journey together. There is no judgement here for your current journey, only love and safety just as you provide for your baby.

Work with Me

Everything you need to be a calm and confident mama is within you, I just help you bring her to the surface. It is such a beautiful journey that we go on together for a minimum of twelve weeks. You will learn how to manage any anxiety, overwhelm, worry, and guilt that you may have, leaving you with energy, confidence, and certainty to take with you through today's ever-changing world.

Connect with me however makes you most comfortable, whether that's a private email explaining your current situation, or an instagram DM, I am here for you. You may also Click here to schedule a free thirty minute call, so we can get to know each other more!

I can't wait to meet you.