Krystal Sodaitis

: Coach for Neurodiverse Physiciains

Expert Overview

Neurodivergence runs deep in my family. Physicians are often diagnosed (formally or through self-discovery/diagnosis) well into adulthood. While the diagnosis may come with some understanding and validation, many still have questions. Unsure where to go with their newfound knowledge that’s where I come in.  I have neurodiverse docs discover their “what now.”  We address the guilt, shame, and limiting beliefs that come with a diagnosis of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, learning disorder, autism spectrum disorder or any other disability. Our brains are amazing and I help docs embrace the different yet glorious ways their brains work. I work with you to harness your gifts, not squelch them.

Work with Me

If you have just been diagnosis and are asking "what now". Work with me. Four weeks to find your what now. Click here.