Laura Bond Williams

: Success Coach

Expert Overview

I help former dancers, athletes and artists reclaim what moves them so they can get going and create what's next. Whether feeling stuck in their bodies, careers, or relationships, my clients discover the real strengths that made them successful and create new futures more exciting and rewarding than their pasts. We generate self-confidence for second acts and discover:

  • more meaningful professional and personal relationships
  • new skills for relating to and parenting children, especially kids in ultra-competitive dance, music and sports activities
  • ways to live with less stress and overwhelm
  • productivity habits that stick
  • and more creativity and freedom to pursue what moves you.

As a certified coach, teacher, Pilates instructor and a "born again" dancer in my forties, I understand where we get stuck in our heads, in our jobs, and in our bodies. We're not too old, and it's not too late to get moving.

Work with Me

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