Laura Huberfeld

: The Overwhelm Coach for Mid-Life Moms

Expert Overview

If you’re a MOM with adult children and possibly even young grandchildren and you want more control of your time, priorities and the ever changing dynamics of your growing family…I can help you!

Have you gotten to that place where you poured your heart and soul into your family and thought you would reach the next stage of family life with the freedom to do more of what you wanted. But… you don’t know where to start? Do you notice that you are feeling more overwhelmed than ever before?

That’s where I come in!  I help midlife moms learn how to show up to their lives with enthusiasm and shelve the overwhelm. I can guide you to balance “family” time with space for your personal growth and self care. All you need is a new awareness and specific management tools.

It's a simple process where I teach you how to manage your time, priorities, and responsibilities with more ease and confidence. You will discover more time for yourself without feeling guilty or overwhelmed!

Work with me to intentionally design your BEST next chapter. Set goals, make plans and take action.

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