Laura Prescott

: Adventure Mindset Coach for Women

Expert Overview

I help women overcome self-doubt and build the confidence to live the adventurous life they desire.

Work with Me

You feel like grand adventures in life, the outdoors, your relationships, and experiences are calling you, but nagging self- doubt thoughts are always there, always holding you back. “She did it. Why can’t I be more like her?” or simply, “I’m not brave (or capable, skilled, strong) enough to do that.” What if I said. . . You can do those things. All of them.

The only thing holding you back is your mindset. Not a lack of bravery. Not your strength, courage, or ability. . . Would you be willing to challenge the mindset that’s holding you back in order to embrace your immense potential?

If this thought is lighting a fire inside you and you’re thinking, “Yes, I absolutely want to discover what I’m capable of.” Click HERE to book a free discovery coaching session.