Liene Ciguze

: Life After Child Loss

Expert Overview

The pain you feel is unimaginable. Yet sometimes you feel nothing at all.

You have survived through the worst, and now you are wondering how to move forward.

You may want to have more children without shame and guilt.

But can you raise and love them without fear taking over?

Can you have loving and nurturing relationships with them?

Can your marriage survive all of this?

Look, the bottom line is you want to feel like yourself again. Safe again. Normal again.


Work with Me

I help moms to build a new life after child loss.

  • Laugh again without feeling guilty
  • Be YOU again
  • Have more children without the guilt and shame
  • Raise your other children without suffocating them with your fear
  • Feel calm and in control again
  • Feel alive again
  • To be happy with the rest of your family and not to live in constant fear every second of the rest of your life

Some of you are afraid to change how you feel. Some of you feel overwhelmed and guilty about how to continue living, parenting, being a wife, making decisions or thinking about the future. I get it all.

With me as your coach, you will become more purposeful and confident about your future without forgetting your past.