Linsi Brownson

: Productivity Coach for Creative Entrepreneurs

Expert Overview

I coach ambitious creative entrepreneurs who are ready to say "buh-bye" to burnout and start enjoying their life while they grow their business.

In my 15+ years as an entrepreneur in creative industries (interior design, branding, marketing, events, e-commerce and television) I have learned that running a creative business offers great possibilities and pitfalls! It's especially important for creative entrepreneurs to have systems and practices that help them stay connected to their purpose, healthy, and responsive to the needs of their business.

Creative burnout is a common problem, and I'm here to help passionate entrepreneurs keep their fire lit. I work with people to create alignment in their business model, build confidence and communication skills, develop efficient operating systems that make work easier, and get into the habit of having fun in the process!

Work with Me

Work with me privately to Streamline Your Business and create systems and habits that help you stay inspired, motivated and productive each day. My private coaching programs are tailored to you - so let's begin with a strategy call and see what we can do together.

Do you need a quick path to clarity? I've got you covered! Join me for a Sounding Board Session - Whether you have an idea to brainstorm, a gnawing problem to solve, or a goal you want to get started, I'll help you sort it out and make some powerful decisions to move forward fast.