Lisa Candera

: The Autism Mom Coach

Expert Overview

I teach moms raising kids with Autism how to manage their minds, regulate their emotions and self-soothe their nervous systems using cognitive behavioral tools, a nervous system informed approach and my real-life, in the trenches, experiences as a full time single mother raising a teenager with Autism and other co-morbid diagnoses.

Work with Me

My six month coaching program, Be the Solid Object, is the ONLY coaching program specifically designed to teach moms raising kids with Autism how to keep their cool while their child is melting down.

When they go high, we go low.

I created this program from my blood, sweat, tears, and conviction that we have more power than we think.

Autism is a part of our lives, it does not get to control it. We do.

Through private 1:1 coaching, you will learn how to:

  • Stop trying to control Autism
  • Understand your triggers, both cognitively and somatically
  • Co-regulate with your child
  • Complete the Stress Response Cycle
  • Refill Your Own Cup
  • Do the Next Right Thing