Lisa Schwaller

: Your "Less Stress, More Fun" Coach

Expert Overview

Modern life ain’t for the faint of heart, is it?

We have situations to navigate every day that our parents and grandparents never dreamed of! We’re living longer, enjoying more material wealth, and yet many of us are plain ol’ unhappy..

“Great, Lisa, now what?” That’s the right question! Now what?

Work with me if you want to learn the art of enjoying your life more - even how to play again. This beautiful human life of yours is a “use it or lose it” situation, after all.

My specialties include:
Trauma informed coaching
Work stress for IT professionals
Learning how to be nice to yourself. Believe me - the more you love yourself, the better you’re able to handle “all the things.”
Goal achievement: Create the results you want. Don’t let another year pass by wondering “what if…”
Low intimacy or sexless relationships: I help you identify and then resolve what’s between you and better sex.

So...what’s holding you back? Reach out and let’s bring more spark into your busy, wonderful, modern life!

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