Lydia Han

: Career Coach by day Acne Coach by night

Expert Overview

We all go through some sort of “fall” in our lives. Whether it be our jobs, health, relationships, or finances that test us, challenge us, and leave us feeling stuck, lost and unhappy.

For me, there were two very distinct “falls” that shaped me into the person I am today:

1) A traumatic experience with acne in my 20s that completely turned my life upside down.
2) Severe burnout from my successful corporate job that eventually led to a 3 month medical leave from work.

Experiencing a fall is inevitable — it’s part of the human experience.

But how you come out of the fall is a choice you get to make. You can either fall down, or you can fall upward.

Reflecting back on the two pivotal moments of my life, I wish I had someone who could help me navigate the daily struggles I was faced with in my personal & professional life. I wish I had someone who could catch me as I was falling. I wish I had someone who could support me, guide me and challenge me to see beyond what I thought was possible at the time.

And that’s why I’m here today.

Hoping to be that person for you.

Because life is too short and you deserve to live an extraordinary life NOW.

Work with Me

Career Coach Lydia
- Help high performing Millennials and Gen Zs in the corporate world heal from imposter syndrome, and develop a more confident and assertive mindset.
- Empower clients to achieve sustainable work-life balance by teaching them how to set healthy boundaries and effectively manage their time without being paralyzed by overwhelm, perfectionism and procrastination.
- Other coaching topics include: career advancement, career change, preventing and managing burnout, time management, relationship management, and personal effectiveness

Authentic and Alive
- Help acne sufferers deal with the emotional challenges of having acne by teaching them evidence-based tools and strategies to manage stress, process negative emotions, build self-confidence, and improve their skin without relying on quick fix solutions and medication.