Maree White

: Self Development Coach

Expert Overview

I'm Maree White. I am a Seld Development Coach.
I work in mindset and energy.
I treat and diagnose the blindspots and blocks that cause people to stagnate in key areas of their life.

I mostly work with people over 40 who want to make changes before they become too ingrained.

As we get older we get stuck in our thinking and energy patterns. This creates stagnation and affects our vitality and wellness.
That's what ages us.

I take a holistic philosophical approach to balancing the four human elements that govern this vibrance and energy.  ​

Physical + Mental + Emotional + Spiritual.

My work focuses on the four key areas where this stagnation occurs:

Relationships + Life direction and expression + Bodyweight + Decision making/procrastination.  The way we think about our life creates our experience of life.  Our thoughts come from our belief system, which is shaped by our culture, upbringing and ancestry.  Our thoughts create our emotions which define how we act. This is how we create our life.

If you are stuck, if you keep repeating mistakes or you keep repeating the same experience - you are in stagnation. You have blindspots and emotional blocks that are in your way. I can help you clear them.

I am a trained Life Coach and movement practitioner. My work is based on thought work, somatics, neuroscience and psychology. I take a modern holistic approach, integrating the various philosophical and physical methods I have studied over the last 35 years.

Work with Me

If you would like to know more about my work - you can set up an initial consultation with me here.