Mary Tran

: Charting and clinical time management coach for women physicians

Expert Overview

I help women physicians master charting and time management so they can spend more time with the people they love, doing the things they love, without sacrificing patient satisfaction or quality of care.

I believe that all women physicians can achieve work-life balance and not have to choose between being a doctor and being a mom, partner, or anything else she wants to be.

My mission is to give women physicians time and control back. I struggled with this myself and using the tools I've learned, I can help others come out on the other side as well.

Work with Me

Have you ever thought there just isn’t enough time to finish all your charting and inbox within the clinical workday? Do you chart nights and weekends when you should be off?

I have too and this used to be my life.

A few years ago, I returned to work after being on maternity leave and was completely overwhelmed with balancing clinical work and motherhood. I would rush from clinic to home before finishing my charting. Then, I would be doing my inbox while my daughter was sleeping instead of resting and sleeping myself.

Have you ever felt overwhelmed juggling work with self-care, being a good mom, maintaining relationships especially the one with your partner/spouse, and all the things in life? This was exactly how I felt. I was so exhausted. There was no more romance in my marriage. I felt disconnected as a wife and a mother. I was just trying to survive each day. So, I did what I thought was solve my problem. I took a massive pay cut to go part time. I thought this was the solution, and things did get a little better, but I found out that I still couldn’t keep up. I was still spending too much time charting and doing inbox after work.

I realized that I needed to make some changes and figure out how to finish my work within the clinical day if I wanted my freedom and time back. Something needed to change, or my family and I would continue to suffer, and I wasn’t sure how much longer things could go on like this. I figured out the strategies needed to finish my work efficiently without sacrificing patient satisfaction or quality of care. I implement these strategies daily so that I no longer work when I’m home. I have my nights and weekends free from charting. I feel like myself again. I reconnected with my husband. I’m there for my daughter.

I believe all women, especially women physicians can achieve work-life balance with the right tools. I help women physicians learn these tools and apply them to their own lives and practices.