Meg Gluckman

: Divorce & Co-Parenting Coach

Expert Overview

I'm passionate about helping parents navigate divorce & co-parenting with ease and in a way that feels good to them.

When we can feel grounded moving through divorce & co-parenting, our kids can feel safe, secure and supported.


Your dream list post-divorce:

You want....

~ to have co-parenting be like your dishwasher-- set it and forget it. It works how it needs to and you don’t spend any energy thinking about it.

~ to feel great at work and when you're home. No more parent guilt!

~ to feel financially secure and abundant. You want to be making plans for the future, knowing you'll have plenty of money.

~ to have a new romantic relationship that feels steamy, fun, and completely nourishing.

~to feel more peaceful & rested, more often.

~ to feel like you're doing life right and proud of how you're modeling your values to your kids.

All of this is possible. I'd love to support you in making it happen!

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