Megan Tong

: Life and Business Coach

Expert Overview

What do you really want?

More freedom?

More time?

The ability to do what you love?

To have more impact in this world?

There is an amazing thing that makes all of this a lot easier.

It's money.

I have met my financial goals, and now I have absolute freedom.

Freedom with my time.

I have the means to pursue my greatest passions.

I work four days a week, because my business is an expression of who I am. Not because I need it to meet my basic needs.

I don’t worry at all when when my windshield gets cracked, I miss a flight, or have a cavity.

I know I have the means to solve these problems.

It’s an amazing way to live.

If you want to have more money in your life, it is absolutely possible.

And I can help.

Work with Me

I used to advise people specifically on their finances. During that time, I spoke to dozens of people about the nitty gritty of their money, and I used to provide specific spreadsheets and have them open new bank accounts.

What I soon realized was that I didn't even use these systems! And I was wealthy.

After speaking to dozens of people about their money and how they managed it, I realized what set rich people apart from those who struggled with money their whole lives:

It was not a spreadsheet.​

It was not a specific way to set up their bank accounts.

I discovered what set them apart was how they thought about money.

As a money mindset coach, I show you how to transform your thoughts and your relationship to money.

Once that happens, you will have the ability to manage money (and EVERYTHING ELSE), powerfully, for the rest of your life.​

So how does coaching work?

  1. We have one on one, weekly conversations, where we get to work on the THOUGHTS and BELIEFS that are stopping you from getting what you want.
  2. I show you how to train your brain to create the result you want in life. ​

I will show you how to make more money.

And then I will teach you how to use it to create the life of your dreams.

You in?