Mel Savage

: Career & Executive Coach

Expert Overview

I want to help you love the career you already have ... and be great at it!

I help smart, high-potential women like you fall back in love with the career you already have, and be amazing at it.

Look... you know you’re smart and capable enough to do more... have more success in your career. Unfortunately, things aren't working out like you thought. That happens.

The challenge is you're blaming other things for your slowed progress. You're blaming the job. Or the boss. Or boredom. Or maybe you’re starting to think you're not cut out for this and it’s time to start over with something else.


Smart people like you don’t need to start over. You just need a new strategy.

You can achieve all your career goals faster, and with a lot less drama, in the career you have right now.

I spent 25+ years in corporate marketing. I went from the mailroom to senior management at McDonald's. And one of the things we always used to say in marketing is "it's easier to get your existing customers to buy more than it is to find new customers."

And it's the same in your career.

I know it feels impossible to think you could love the career you have right now. But what if you could? What would that mean for you?

It’s time to talk to someone who’s done that, been there and has a proven approach that works.

It’s time to become the unstoppable success story you always knew you could be.

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I’m looking forward to seeing all the amazing things you’re going to do.