Melinda Evans

: Self Worth Coach

Expert Overview

I help young moms and middle-aged women, who are fighting their past, or their kids; who worry about what others think, and who believe they aren't good enough as a wife or parent.  The way we see ourselves can effect our relationships, our self-worth, and our health. I help women find value, happiness, and peace while helping them embrace themselves/others just as they are. I help create a life and relationships full of hope and possibility as they increase their self worth without fear of others and the past that haunts them.

Work with Me

If you want to increase your self worth, or are struggling to find happiness, and/or want to work on your relationships with yourself /others for an affordable price come experience a Free consultation with ME (Melinda Evans Coaching). My faith-based coaching provides a unique outlook and a variety of options: from one-on-one coaching to group coaching; a place to learn from each other. Lets meet and see if we are a good client/coach match.