Melissa Hardin

: Work-Life Balance Coach for Women

Expert Overview

I specialize in helping women achieve their own unique Imperfectly Perfect Work-Life Balance to live an abundant and productive life.

All too often, so many of us become entangled in the “hustle & bustle” of all things work and everyday life that we innocently lose sight of what we truly want for our lives. We are no longer intentionally living our lives; we are simply going through the motions and creating a continuous imbalanced cycle of overwhelm and frustration as we watch our lives pass us by amidst the chaos.

However, it does not have to be this way. All it takes is ONE DECISION… the decision to change your mind! When you change your mind, you change everything and this is when and where your work begins to creating your own unique Imperfectly Perfect Work-Life Balance. This is when you regain balance in your life and make it everything that you want it to be at work and at home, and I will guide you along the way to your success. So, LET’S TALK!

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