Michelle "MJ" Johnston

: The QT+ Coach

Expert Overview

I help members of the queer, questioning and trans communities, gain and strengthen the assurance that you are inherently valuable and worthy of love just as you are.

In our coaching relationship, I will support and guide your personal development and growth by providing an empathetic ear to listen and understand, a mind that is fully open and judgement-free, and a heart that seeks to connect you to confidence in your identity and self-worth. Best of all, we’ll do this transformational work in an atmosphere of joy, compassion, respect and probably some laughter.

I’m a queer, non-binary, Certified Life Coach. I combine my knowledge, training and unique life experiences to help you live a life that’s more life-giving, however you define that.

I’ve been on my own journey to understand and fully embrace my queer identity and my goal is to serve the LGBTQIA+ community through compassionate listening and coaching so you can fully embrace who you are, as you are.

Work with Me

You can find out more about me on my website and, if it feels right, schedule a free “connection” call so we can get to know each other and, together, decide if we want to work together. Or you can just sign up to receive occasional inspiration while you think about what you want.

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