Molly Kremer

: The Billing Coach

Expert Overview

With a BA in Philosophy, a JD in the law, and a certification in life coaching, I have come to realize all of these endeavors are simply my human attempt to understand, as best I could, the meaning of life and how to best live in it.

As one of my wise undergraduate philosophy professors said to me... "one of the best questions to ask and answer for yourself in deciding how to live your life is whether you want to live the good life or a good life." Since that moment I have always been striving to live a good life but felt that somehow I was still missing what it meant to live a good life.  But now I know...

Being a lawyer gave me some great tools as did my philosophy undergraduate degree, however, it wasn't until I began to experience the transformation that life coaching offered me that I really understood how you actually could lead a good life through the power of thought work.  I now know not only how to lead a good life but also how to live my best life, and as a certified coach, I can now help others lead their best lives as well.

Work with Me

What if you could have ALL of your billable time effortlessly captured and counted at the end of each and every work day...

Without ever again feeling stressed, anxious, or panicked that you may have “missed some” or “forgot some some”?

Do you wish you never had to stress or worry about getting your billing in on time because you were a contemporaneous billable timekeeper? An attorney who captures and counts ALL of their time, as they go, every day.

Wouldn't it feel incredible if you actually enjoyed billing your time? Never again feeling annoyed or frustrated with having to bill?

How would you like to never again feel bad or guilty about forgetting to bill your time or because you kept procrastinating entering your time?

And how would you feel to never again feel tempted to “pad” your billing because you hadn’t been keeping up with your billing and now don’t have “enough” time to meet your firm’s billing requirements.

Can you imagine?

Having ALL your billable time entered and released at the end of each and every work day . . . with ease?

Without ever again feeling stressed, anxious or panicked that you may have “missed some” or “forgot some some”?

What would happen if you were that attorney who captured ALL of their billable time . . .

Would you finally meet or exceed your billable hour requirement?

Would you be eager for your end-of-the-year evaluation instead of feeling dread or anxiety?

Would you finally be eligible to make partner or get a big promotion?

Would you get a significant bonus or raise?

Would you feel a higher level of trust and respect from those reviewing your billing?

Would you be able actually to enjoy being a lawyer?

Would you have more time to work out or just relax after work and on the weekends?

Would you be able to spend more quality time with your family and friends and much-needed time for yourself?

Would you just be able to stop feeling “wrong” or “bad” about yourself?

If you are ready to finally stop dreading having to bill your time . . .

If you are ready to start claiming MORE of your un-billed billable time . . .

Or just ready to drop all of that nagging mind drama around billing . . .

Then come and work with me in my 1:1 Billing Coaching Program.

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It's time.

Molly Kremer, Esq. - The Billing Coach