Nancy Wehnert

: Leadership Coach

Expert Overview

I help organizations improve their bottom line and help their people feel better at work.

I do this by working with their leaders to help them become more confident and effective, so they build a highly engaged team.

When your team is highly engaged, efficiency, productivity and innovation increase, and absenteeism and time delays decrease.

People are more disengaged and unmotivated at work than ever before. Their priorities have changed and this shift in their needs and expectations requires something different from our leaders today.

By working with me, we will begin to transform your organization into a place where people want to spend time and make genuine contributions.

This is not a traditional leadership program; I help leaders develop their ability to THINK like an exceptional leader so they can support both themselves and their teams at the highest level, long-term.

• Learn how to support the complex array of human needs in a way that is unique to the individual so that it brings out their full potential.

• Set the new standard for leadership in a way that traditional leadership methods can no longer provide.

• Master your ability to be an exceptional leader and create an environment of psychological safety, a key indicator for performance.

• Improve productivity and efficiency, decrease absenteeism and delays.

• Become an employer of choice.

Work with Me

In the ‘Self-Mastery for Leaders’ program, I help the leaders in your organization become more confident and effective so they can build a highly engaged team.

They will learn all the tools in my winning three-element framework that will directly address the discontent and disconnect found in workplaces all over the world today.

We’ll work 1:1 so they act on their initiative, have the difficult conversations, be more assertive and build an environment of trust and honest communication so their team members engage and contribute.

I am an experienced business owner, MBA graduate and certified Life Coach and I’m ready to help your leaders take their leadership ability to the next level by teaching them how to think like an exceptional leader. When they think like an exceptional leader, they will act like an exceptional leader - no exceptions.

Schedule a free consultation with me HERE to ask all your questions and find out more about working together.