Natalie Hankins

: Business & Mindset Coach

Expert Overview

I help women in business increase confidence and sales while having work-life balance. As a busy mompreneur of 2 adult children with special needs still living at home, I am not willing to compromise on any of my most valued life zones ~ my business, my family and my health are important to me!

I believe we CAN have it all when we OWN the unique value of what we have to offer and we KNOW how to manage our minds.

As a Business & Mindset Coach, I am on a mission to help women in business make more money, because I know that's how we increase our impact on the world!

I love helping other busy mompreneurs and female entrepreneurs achieve their business goals in less time so that they have more time to enjoy their lives.

Work with Me

​​In my complimentary Breakthrough Session, we will explore how you CAN achieve your ambitious business goals while having work-life balance.

Click here to schedule a complimentary Breakthrough Session to discover how to thrive in life and in business with a Confident Mindset!