Nichole Haugen

: Life Coach for Catholic Nurses

Expert Overview

I coach Catholic Nurses to follow God's plan.

Are you struggling in the nursing profession. Do you look up different nursing jobs weekly, thinking at that job I would be happy? Struggle with being a mom, wife, and not bringing work home with you? Do you find yourself thinking that "if only my husband would help me more, then I would be happy."? "If the kids listened better, then I would yell less."

Do you feel like you are failing in your faith as well? That God is wagging his finger at you saying how disappointed He is because you should do better.

Work with Me

I can help. God doesn't want us to be overwhelmed, stressed, and exhausted. I will bring awareness to those thoughts. Help you separate facts from stories so you can hear God voice. Let's find out together the plans that God has for you as a nurse, wife, and mother.

Listen to my podcast Catholic Nurse Coach, for simple steps you can take today.

Work with me one-on-one for 12 weeks to make amazing changes in your life.