Paige Dempsey

: Dating & Relationship Coach

Expert Overview

I help women get out of feeling "stuck" in the dating cycle. If you are tired of relationships that don't last, getting invested too much or too soon, wondering what is wrong with you or why you're still single, I am the coach for you. I want to elevate women's confidence in dating and relationships to help them show up exactly as they are - not trying to fit what everyone else thinks we should be. Usually this work leads us to examining family history and relationship patterns as well. Additionally, I have an Advanced Certification in Feminist Coaching which helps me dig deeper on the issues and experiences which are particular to women which we oftentimes don't know are at play in how we show up and interact in the world.

Work with Me

I currently work with clients 1:1 starting with three month packages with the option to renew (change takes time!).

Schedule a free consultation on my website, here.