Phoebe Grace Montemayor

: Overcoming Pain & Christian Life Coach

Expert Overview

I help people overcome emotional pain from chronic physical pain, anxiety, depression, trauma, their past, work, marriage, parenting or any other pain. I help them explore the areas they struggle trusting in God with curiosity and compassion, so that they believe more in Love and have it transform not just their inner world, but the outer world around them. Love changes everything, even if the pain is still there.

Work with Me

Click here for a faith-based approach on working through your pain and finding healing that is grounded in a firm foundation.

Overcoming Your Pain program has 2 options to meet you where you are at with whatever pain is holding you back today: 1) Full program with weekly 1:1 coaching and video course or the 2) Video course only option.

Wherever you are, I'm excited to come alongside you and can't wait to overcome with you!