Priscillia Andrieu

: The French Confidence and excellence coach

Expert Overview

Because we live in a society dominated by men, our experience of the world as women is: we feel blocked by patriarchy.

When we don’t get a promotion or a salary raise, and when men get more professional opportunities than we do, we tend to feel stuck, as an impostor, to judge ourselves, to feel we don’t belong, or to make ourselves responsible for not getting the advancement we should.

As a consequence, we compensate. For the same opportunities than men. It looks like: working more and longer, networking more, sacrificing our personal and family life, getting more educated, etc.

In the end, we use the tools made by and for men, in a system that discriminate us, no matter our actions.

With coaching, I empower women to create breaks in their career, in a patriarchal work place.

The goal is to pivot your belief system to:

  • advocate for yourself;
  • believe in yourself;
  • become a powerful voice in the world place.

What it looks like in the end: more revenue, more advancement, recognition.

Work with Me

I coach over-achieving and over-performing women 1:1 (in French and in English).

Together, we get you the confidence and empowerment you need to seize the professional opportunities you deserve.

Let’s talk about how I can help you here.

And you can always start by applying the Weekly Tools and Advice (in French) I send you all.

Looking forward to sharing confidence & excellence mindset and tools!