Rachel Hudson

Expert Overview

I help highly sensitive and intuitive empathic women remove overwhelm, anxiety, and indecision from their lives. I know exactly how it feels to navigate life when you feel so deeply.

If you've been labeled as too emotional, take on the stress of everyone around you, and need your alone time to feel recharged, I can help.

I'll help you build confidence, manage your emotions, and feel calm in stressful situations.


Work with Me

If you're looking for long-lasting change, you're in the right place. I'll help you find calm in the chaos of life.

Have you ever wished that you could feel calm and collected in ANY SITUATION? With any person?

What if...

  • you could stop feeling overwhelmed?
  • you could achieve your impossible goals?
  • you could allow your feelings instead of pushing them down until it's too late?
  • you could stop taking on everyone else's pain?
  • you stopped getting your feelings hurt?
  • you could stop buffering with food, alcohol, or social media?

As an intuitive empath and highly sensitive person, I know exactly how it feels to navigate life when you feel so deeply. I also know there's a lot of advice out there that doesn't work for us. If you feel like you've tried a million different methods but nothing seems to stick, then you know exactly what I'm talking about. I'm here to help.

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