Robin McAllister-Zaas

: Coach for Women Who Want to Make a Difference

Expert Overview

Hi!  My name is Robin and I am a certified life coach for women with big dreams, and those who want to make a difference in this world!

Do you have dreams that you haven’t told anyone about?

You may tell yourself it’s because you’re too busy taking care of your family and everyone else, you just don't have time to work on them.  But, the truth is, you haven’t told anyone or made a move because you aren't sure you have what it takes, besides, you’re too old anyway…right?

Let me be clear, you are not too old, too young, too fat or too thin and you didn’t come from the wrong side of the tracks.

Your dreams are in you for a reason, and I believe it's our job on earth to make our dreams come true.

Work with Me

Are you ready?  Click here to sign up for a free 60 minute consult call.  Here’s what we will do!

The first thing I’m going to ask you when we hop on a call together is “What’s going on in your life right now?" " What’s awesome?" " What's not so awesome?"  "Tell me everything."

I’ll listen, take notes and ask you more questions. (Imagine a whole hour focused on YOU, I get giddy thinking about it)

I will take you through an exercise called “The Life Wheel”. You’ll rate different areas of your life and we will talk about why you rate things how you rate them and what you think would have to happen to make them better.

This is your time to tell someone who believes in you all of your goals and dreams and we will talk about why you don’t have these things already.

We will talk about what your life will look like and how you will feel when you have achieved whatever it is you want and I will tell you how I can help get you there.

Can't wait to talk with you!