Ronda Loveridge

: The Love Your Life Coach

Expert Overview

I believe that every woman should have the opportunity to learn how her brain works against her and can work for her. Life Coaching principles have changed my life by helping me see that I can love the life I have worked so hard to build and the people who mean everything to me in every experience of every day, and that I didn't need to change big details of my life to do so.

I am an almost 50 year old mom of 5 from the middle of America. I worked hard to build a family focused, educated, community connected, faith filled, and thoughtful life. I was doing all the things that I could do to have a life that I could be proud of, but I was exhausted. As my kids, my husband, and I went through our milestones, I noticed that I was so strung out from trying to make things great for everyone who would be involved, that I could not actually feel the happiness for myself. From Christmas mornings to graduations and everything in between; I was not feeling the joy. I was feeling the burden.

I wasted too many years in this place of resenting things about my life that I had chosen on purpose and not receiving all the goodness that came from my perfectly imperfect life.  I don't want you to have to spend one more unnecessary second there either. I now help every woman I coach let go of the burden and resentment, and pick up her purpose, her desire, and most importantly her Joy.

If you have spent time trying to change the circumstances of your life so that you can be happy then, or you are tired of the endless energy it requires to keep changing your body so you can be attractive enough now, or you recognize that you are criticizing the people you love instead of feeling connected, or you don't know how to adapt to new ages and stages of your children (including when they leave your home), or you see a pattern of never being satisfied, or you are continually looking for something outside of yourself to tell you how to be happy, then look no further.

I will help you love your life now. You will feel it shift before you get off your first call with me.

Work with Me

I offer 1:1 coaching in six month packages. You can also get connected through my membership program, The Love Your Life Lab. There are coaching opportunities in the lab, or you can mix it up and attend the lab with individual coaching once monthly. I have a price point that will work with every budget. I guarantee that the results will change your life. Sign up HERE  for a free discovery call to decide which option best fits your goals and desires.