Roslyn Brown

: Teen and Young Adult Goal Coach

Expert Overview

Helping Teens and Young adults create and accomplish goals around school, sports, social, and stress. Through sharing Brain Management Tools and coaching, teens can move beyond limiting beliefs keeping them stuck, and spark confidence and empowerment to move forward towards their dreams.

Work with Me

If you are a parent seeking tools to help your child move beyond “stuck” patterns, I invite you to book a free, private meeting with me. On the call, I will ask you questions about your teen or young adult, to understand where they are struggling and where you are looking for support.

I’ll also share my 20-year experience of working with teens, coaching within a school district, and how I can help your teen.

If you’d like to explore this opportunity, I also offer a free consult call to your teen to ensure a good mutual fit, before we start coaching together.

I’m looking forward to working with your teen to help support them to set and achieve their goals.

Schedule a parent consult HERE.