Sarah Bond

: Christian Forgiveness Coach

Expert Overview

As Christians we are commanded to forgive. But why is this so difficult sometimes?  If you are like me, you were not taught true forgiveness growing up which led to struggling relationships.  In fact we were taught the opposite.  Blame.  Anger.  Punishment.  Suffering.  Resentment.  Revenge.  Shame. Lies we grew up believing because those that taught us did not know any better.  So now we must learn forgiveness as a skill.  We must look to ourselves and our beliefs and challenge what we think we know about forgiveness.  True forgiveness is the key to loving God, your neighbor and yourself.

If you struggle with forgiving yourself or others, are easily offended or hold grudges, have recurring problems in your life and relationships or carry shame around your unforgiveness as a Christian, you are not alone.

As a Christian, I know where you are.

I was there too.

I have spent many years and countless hours learning to be an expert at forgiveness to become a better wife, mother, daughter, and Christian. I can help.

Work with Me

Learning how to forgive is the key to living in unconditional love, even in disagreement.

I will coach you past mindset blocks that prevent you from forgiving.

I will teach you the power of true forgiveness, and the tools and techniques to find and practice it.

I will never judge you.

I will open to you the power that forgiveness has to heal, to receive and to have deeper human compassion and understanding.

Join me as we learn to forgive as Christ forgave us!  Becoming an expert at forgiveness will give you more joy, love, peace and freedom in your life and your relationships!