Sarah Lawless

: Catholic Life Coach for Women

Expert Overview

I help women who struggle with people pleasing, finding their worth in doing and performing, and who feel that they are a burden. I show them how to be free from the chains of their crippling beliefs and how to step into the beautiful life that God has for them.

Work with Me

Do you feel overwhelmed with people pleasing, over-serving, and an inability to say no? Do you feel like you could never burden someone by asking for help? Are you are incessantly feeling overwhelmed and anxious?

I help Catholic women rediscover their God-given worthiness, dignity and confidence. When you journey with me, we uncover the lies you are living into and their damaging results. From there, we work together to build the foundation of confidence, self-compassion, freedom, and living the authentic life God has for you.

Schedule a free, 1-hour discovery call with me to step into this amazing freedom!