Sarah Nemecek

: Balanced Business Coach for Women

Expert Overview

As a woman entrepreneur, I help you create a business you love. One that feels good and provides the money and time that lets you live the life you want without pretending to be someone you are not. When you work with me, we balance your life and business by mastering your mindset and emotions with the actions you take.

As humans, our minds love to create obstacles for us at every stage of life and business. It doesn’t matter if you’re dipping your toe into entrepreneurship or have been at this for several years, I will help you overcome the obstacles you're facing at each stage.

Most of our problems are not strategic or “business” problems. They’re emotional problems. And we’ve been hiding from them, denying them, and resisting them for decades, mostly because we didn’t even realize they exist. If you’ve ever felt stuck in confusion, frustration, fear, doubt, overwhelm, you know what I’m talking about.

When you learn to recognize the thoughts and feelings you have, and how to overcome emotional challenges as they arise, the strategies and tactics you use become way more productive for you. Your work feels easier and you feel confident in your decisions and motivated to do the things you used to avoid, procrastinate on, or overly perfect.

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If you're ready to invest in yourself as a business owner, approach your work and life in new ways, and have more fun and fulfillment in everything you do, let's chat.

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