Sarah Townley

: The Type 2 Diabetes Coach

Expert Overview

Everyone with Type 2 diabetes deserves the option of controlling their disease without medications.  I help people reverse Type 2 diabetes by addressing the cause of the disease, so that they can avoid a lifetime of getting sicker and feeling worse.  My background as a clinical pharmacist in primary care combined with life coaching offers both the physical and mental solutions to permanently solve Type 2 diabetes.

Work with Me

Working with me as your expert and guide equips you with the support you need to solve diabetes quickly and with a lot less suffering.  My clients typically eliminate several medications (including insulin) and achieve a normal A1c in less than 6 months.  It's possible.  And it's possible for YOU.

I offer both one-on-one coaching and a group membership program.

You can learn more about which one is right for you by going to my website.