Secia Zappitielli

: Confidence Coach

Expert Overview

Genuine confidence is the foundation for building an authentic, happy, and fulfilling life.

I’m a Confidence Coach because I believe the world needs more authentic, happy and fulfilled people in it. Because when people are authentic, happy and fulfilled, they do AMAZING things and create a better world for all of us.

I teach my clients how to become radically confident unicorns by leveraging their most valuable asset: their brain! Your mind is magic! — and with an intentional and aligned mindset you have the power to be the confident version of yourself you’ve always wanted to be, and create the outcomes you most desire in your life.

So many humans are walking around needlessly suffering: paralyzed by self-doubt, worried about what others think, stuck in victimhood, trapped in their comfort zone, and left feeling deeply dissatisfied. It’s time for everyone to stop hurting themselves (and others,) be the self they want to be, and do the things they want to do!

When asked what problems developing genuine confidence solves, the list is truly endless... but essentially what it creates is empowerment in these 4 areas: Health, Wealth, Love and Play. When you're unshakably confident, you advocate for your physical and mental health, pursue prosperity, create genuine/meaningful connections and engage in meaningful activities.

Before I became my most confident self, I: stayed in an unfulfilling career / suffered from perfectionism / was a chronic people-pleaser / sought approval from outside myself / feared being judged by others / sacrificed my authenticity to be liked / indulged in victimhood / and SO much more.  Simply: I was afraid to be who I wanted to be and do what I wanted to do, which left me feeling wildly unhappy & unfulfilled.

Everything shifted when I learned how to take ownership for, and be the creator of, my life.

I learned the root of ALL of my problems and suffering was ME. I healed my relationship with myself, mastered my mindset, and learned how to align with the self and results I desire.

I call this leading a fully expressed life, and it's the result of self-confidence.

This is what I teach my clients.

Who do you want to BE? What do you want to DO? What would your life look like if you had genuine confidence?

Work with Me

Ready to become a radically confident unicorn? Email me to book a free discovery call where we’ll discuss your unique challenges and goals, then create a confidence plan that will reveal the steps necessary to become your most confident self. Let's do this!