Shelly J Sabey

: Certified High Conflict Divorce Coach

Expert Overview

I help women who feel trapped in abusive relationships know how to leave safely and navigate the High Conflict Divorce process effectively, so they can confidently safeguard themself, their children, and their case from whatever their abuser tries to throw at them.  I specifically help those leaving and divorcing a narcissist. I guide and coach these women through the process of radical acceptance, emotional regulation, and mind management to create a Joy-Filled life amid the chaos.

Work with Me

Click HERE to schedule a FREE Consultation.  We'll chat briefly about your case and I'll discuss how I can help you during this most difficult time.  Divorce is hard, but divorcing a narcissist or other High Conflict Individual is a whole different ballgame.  Don't step into the family court arena with a narcissist without someone by your side that truly "GETS IT".