Sophie Hannah

: Coach for Writers with Big Dreams

Expert Overview

Do you dream of becoming a successful, bestselling writer? I am an internationally bestselling writer, published in 51 countries, who has sold many millions of copies of my books. I can teach you how to do what I did, achieve that success and make your writing dreams come true! Most writers and aspiring writers have dreams that cause them more pain and frustration than joy, because they don't believe they ever can or will succeed. I can help you to write that amazing book and achieve the success that you currently believe is impossible.

Work with Me

You can read all about my immersive and transformative coaching program for writers here, and you can enroll here. Within my 14-month program, both one-to-one private coaching and group coaching are available - as well as so much more! You won't recognize your new self once you've been through the program, and you'll be all set to create writing success, happiness and fulfillment for yourself for the rest of your life.

Do you have questions, or would you like to chat before signing up?

No problem! Email [email protected] to request an exploratory Zoom call.