Stacey Boehman

: Master Business Coach

Expert Overview

I help life coaches make money by learning how to sell.

Whether it's your first 2k, 200k, or 2m, being good at selling will be the fastest way to increase your revenue.

My students don't pay for ads, don't cold DM on social media, or spend hours and hours creating content. Instead they have clients reaching out to them asking for consults and they know exactly how to close them. They have higher converting consults and get more clients from a YES on the phone to actually paying and showing up for their first call.

Clients giving common objections like having to "ask a spouse", "think about it" or "check finances" are all signs of not feeling safe to buy and not being SOLD on you. I teach you how to talk about what you do, how you will help your client get results, and how to create the safety necessary to get a firm yes on the first call.

My sales process has helped thousands of new coaches make money and bring their coaching businesses to life.

Work with Me

Your first step is the hardest part, making your first $2,000. It's a bigger leap than you think.

In my 2k for 2k Program, I help you take the leap from "I am becoming a life coach" to "I am a paid coach".

It's as  simple as meeting people, telling them you are a life coach, and making offers to help.

In 2k for 2k you learn...

How to talk about what you do in an interesting and enticing way.

How to position yourself as an expert, even if you are just getting started.

How to make high quality offers that compels people to say YES and get on the phone for a consult.

How to walk a client step by step through a consult and give them a massive transformation.

How to have an open discussion about objections and making a decision to say YES to coaching.

When you join you get On Demand access to the 2k for 2k Process, access to our Facebook community, coaching every day inside Ask a Coach with our Life Coach Certified Coaches, weekly group coaching calls and bonus courses to help you manage your mind and sell more coaching: Higher Converting Consults, Making Money with the Model, and Money Mastery.

After you have made your first 25k, your next step is 200k Mastermind. 

In 200k Mastermind you go from "I can sell coaching" to "I can sell any offer to anyone. I am a selling machine". 

You learn....

How to turn your coaching into an actual Coaching Process and Philosophy.

How to create your  own Intellectual Property.

How to refine your process and get your clients results 100% of the time .

How to make 200k working with only the best clients: the clients who are the easiest to work with and get the most value from your work.

How to plan, execute, and sell out LAUNCHES.

How to format, teach, and sell on WEBINARS.

How to write great copy that converts your audience.

And how to create big things.

Spaces are limited. We enroll just twice a year and coach only the most highly motivated and committed coaches.

When you join you get immediate access to our Member Portal: The 200k Process, our bonus courses, and every past mastermind call and 3 day selling event, admittance to our 3 day selling event "Advanced Selling Live", and 6 months of coaching and masterminding with the most elite coaches in the industry. Everything you need to make 200k as a life coach.

When 200k is in the bank, it's time to scale to 2 Million and become a CEO with 2 Million Dollar Group. (Open to current 200k students only)

You learn to slow down, create systems and processes, hire a team, and manage your business.

You start unbinding yourself from personally overseeing client deliverables (teaching and coaching) and start creating assets that allow you the time needed to run your business effectively.

You manage your mind at the highest level and master decision making and problem solving. No more fires. No more being a firefighter. No urgency.

You go from, "I'm really good at selling", to "I am a thought leader in the industry. I sell millions of dollars of coaching".