Sunny Smith MD

: Empowering Women Physicians

Expert Overview

We empower women physicians to stop sacrificing themselves for others indefinitely and finally ENJOY this life they worked so hard to create.   We seek to normalize and humanize the full lived experience of being a physician.  All of it.

We do this through the most comprehensive, collaborative coaching program for women physicians.

We have created an incredibly powerful community of like minded women physicians who work with you one on one, in small groups, and in larger groups.   Deep and meaningful friendships are formed that last well beyond the length of the coaching program.   For those who prefer to focus on the one on one work, this is a very welcoming and safe space for that as well.

We bring together outstanding women physicians who are all certified coaches through the Life Coach School and aligned with our values .   They empower you to meet yourself right you are, with awareness and compassion, then once you have accepted where you are, you can start to dream, believe, and act to get the results you want.   As we all know, you can put anything you want in the R line : )

We have proven this time and time again from people who get  days off, go part time, raises at work, promotions, national leadership positions, start podcasts, implement their own coaching programs, start multiple six figure businesses, and the ripple effect of this work is magical.   Even just learning to say no or having boundaries.  It's contagious.  So is believing you really can change your life and finally prioritize yourself, whatever that looks like for you.
We stop believing "I'll be happy when....." and start working on enjoying our lives more right now.  It all starts with a thought, a dream, and being surrounded by and immersed in a community who believes in you, your future, and the infinite possibilities for your life even more than you do.

Your success is inevitable, whether that is really going part time, getting your charts done before leaving clinic, or retiring early.   How do we know?  This ain't our first rodeo.  We've walked hundreds of women physicians just like you through this.  We have pre/post data from our own program with our own coaches documenting that this work is evidence based to decrease burnout, improve professional fulfillment, and most importantly improve self compassion.  I spent my career as a medical educator, awarded faculty member, Clinical Professor in Family Medicine and Public Health.  We offer CME, conduct formal program and faculty evaluation, and always are informed by medical education best practices in developing our coaching program.

Our team includes women physician coaches from all walks of life, all specialties, and always includes practicing and non-practicing physicians.   They are carefully selected based on their own personal strengths, insights, niche, unique contributions, culture add, and ability to hold space and show the clients how no matter the circumstance, the really control the rest of the model.

We hope to change the culture of medicine.  And we know very well that whether we think we can or think we can't, we're right.  We are starting to believe we actually already are changing the culture of medicine.  One woman physician at a time.   Each empowered physician changes the world around her.

Work with Me

We would love to have you join us in our quarterly coaching programs.   This allows for you to get to know the others in your cohort well.  If you want only the one on one coaching, that's okay with us too.   Each quarter we bring in internationally known special guests who are leaders in the field of coaching, compassion, or empowering women (past guests include Elizabeth Gilbert (Eat Pray Love, Big Magic), Byron Katie (Loving What Is), Martha Beck (Way of Integrity), Lucy Kalanathi (When Breath Becomes Air).  Enrollment is either open right now or you can join us on our waitlist here.

If you are a physician coach or physician entrepreneur looking for business mentorship and coaching, yes, I happen to be among the top 1-2% of female entrepreneurs in the country, running a multi-million dollar coaching company and have many friends and colleagues that run multiple six, seven, or even eight figures companies I bring in to teach you all their insider secrets.  It's super fun.  Inspiring.  There is no better place to be.

Lastly, we have epic retreats (Four Seasons Bora Bora anyone?).   You can get more information at this link.

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