Susan Trumpler

: Sales and Business Coaching

Expert Overview

There are three things that a women entrepreneur needs to reach the level of professional and personal success that they dream of:  1.  The skills to create a connected and genuine relationship through great sales communication 2. Repeatable processes that will help them nurture their ideal prospects along the buying journey.  3. An UNSTOPPABLE mindset that prevents them from being distracted or waylaid by fear and uncertainty.  That's it!  It is just that simple - and if you agree, you are my people!

Work with Me

My primary offer is for the Unstoppable Women in Business Success Collaborative.

This 6-month program is very unique. It's been designed to be a hybrid program that includes one-on-one strategy sessions to create a customized Success Roadmap for you and your business AND small group coaching to create a community and accountability partners.

The small group aspect of this program helps you create a personal board of directors who will become your go-to community for both business as well as personal challenges you face.

Come join us!  The only thing missing is YOU!