Susann Cloutier, MA

: Body Positivity & Weight Loss Coach

Expert Overview

Are you over 40 years old, want to love yourself, and lose 50+ lbs?

You can, because your weight gain isn't because you're broken -- it's because you overeat.  Overeating often occurs when you're stressed, anxious, depressed, bored or lonely.  We can fix that!

Do you ever think, "I wish I could...?"

Easily cross my legs

Comfortably fit in an airplane seat

Enjoy how I look in the mirror

Tie my shoes without holding my breath

Smoothly get into a restaurant booth

Together we can make all of these things happen.  You're going to love coaching!

Work with Me

As a Body Positivity & Weight Loss Coach, I also lean on my 10 years of psychotherapy experience to help you dig deep, love yourself, and love your journey of change.

I'm ready, and so are you.  Click HERE to request a free coaching session.  Let's get started so you can lose your weight for the very last time.

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