Taylor VerBerkmoes

: Brand and Content Specialist & Coach

Expert Overview

I help service-based entrepreneurs capture the value of their offer and speak about it in a way that moves the people.

I believe that deep down we aren't trying to do something new or different. We are simply trying to tell our truth.

As a specialist and coach, I listen for you, your sound, your message. Then I echo it back until no matter where you are or who you're with, you hear and share authentically as you.

I love to incorporate tools like Human Design to aid in guiding clients to greater self-clarity.

Work with Me

In Offer Obsession TM, my signature experience, I walk clients through the 10 critical points of any valuable offer. We work together until the way you speak about you and your work sells effortlessly. By the time we're done, what seems like a copy problem is actually cured by obsession.

And since everything we do in life happens through the exchange of offers and value, I support my client's through a lifetime of cultivating obsession.

Offer ObsessionTM- The Live Experience is opened periodically throughout the year in Live Cohorts. Join the Waitlist HERE for the next opening.