Vicky Countess

: Healthy Habit Coach For Women Over 50

Expert Overview

I help women over 50 start and stick to healthy habits to live their best life.

Work with me to stop overeating & lose weight, get moving and exercise to feel in shape OR master any other habit to feel better.

Do you think that you are too old to change your food and exercise habits?

Do you feel unhappy with your weight, body and life?

I understand because I have been there - and I can tell you from first-hand's never too late.

After turning 50, I decided it was time for me to make significant changes with my weight and exercise habits. In part, I was motivated by a diagnosis of osteoporosis and I suspect you are here because you, too, want to have better health.

My first half marathon was at age 52 and I now have run over 80 races. I finally lost my last 10 pounds in my 60s and I have continued to maintain a healthy weight.

I’ve done it and have helped lots of other women do the same!

I am passionate about helping women as they create healthy habits to age with confidence and strength.

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